How to dynamically generate rows with widgets

Hi All, I have a requirement where I need to dynamically generate a row with widgets on following actions : Click of button → Number of times I hit the button – a row should appear with some widgets. For example user enter his details in one row and wanted to add one or more user – so on click of button – a new row with widgets should appear. Based on value passed from initial pages → Lets say it is up to the user to select number of users to add and whatever number user selects those many rows with widgets should be generated.     Can someone please help or guide ?
1 answers

Create an entity which holds the data.

On the click of the button create a record in the entity.

Display this record in a listview, add widgets in the listview and you’re done. Be sure to refresh the record when committing this to make it show up in the lust view.

For the second situation the solution is similar. Pass the number to a microflow. Create a while loop using the number.

In the loop create the record and at the end open the page that has the listview with the widgets. For performance it’s a good idea to create a list of the records you will be creating in the loop, so that you can add the records to the list in the loop and commit the list after the loop.