SAP Fiori theme import from SAP UI Theme Designer

Is there a way how to export SAP Fiori based company UI theme developed in SAP UI Theme Designer and import it into Mendix UI Theme module based on SAP Fiori 3 (MX Market Place > SAP Fiori 3.0 UI Resources)?   We have an ecosystem of applications sitting in the SAP Fiori launchpad based hub. Some of the applications are implemented by SAP, others by other technologies. When adding a Mendix implemented app into the suite, we’d like to have its UI Theme consistent with the rest. Our SAP based applications use company-wide theme that was developed using SAP UI Theme Designer. That supports export and import of themes. Out Mendix based applications use can company-wide theme developed on top of SAP Fiori 3 UI Resources module. But is there a way how we could (rather than re-implementing each style change in both Theme export & module) import the Theme exported from SAP UI Theme Designer into a Mendix module?   Or any other bright idea how to cut down on mistakes/dependencies when manually synchronising the themes?
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