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Hi, I am working on an app and I want to get the phone web pages but there are no pages available. I checked on the marketplace as well but couldn’t find any. Kindly help. 
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Hi Abhimanyu Mane,

While creating the page you can able to see the options (attached) select whatever you need and create a page 

Hope it helps!



Hi Abhimanyu,
first you have create a layout 
Go to -->Atlas UI Resources module by default u can see it 
open the layout folder-->open hybrid phone folder you can see default 
layouts and rename it as atlas_mobile   and right click -->u can a add page → u can see 4 options like
responsive, tablets(web), phone(web), and native mobile
select the phone (web) with blank option on the left pane 
and select the navigation layout as atlas_mobile and navigate you page in 
navigation  you need to select add navigation profile and select
phone browser options and add the respective page in your navigation 
and run your app via phone browser option you can see in view option like 
responsive view ,tablet view , and phone browser  u can see your page  in phone browser 

Narendran J