Getting weird code in my main.css file

Hello everyone, When I am working on my own branche and want to merge it with the main line (after commiting of course) it injects some weird code in my main.css. I'm a UX designer so I am mainly working on the styling of an app. I have multiple custom.scss files to style different parts of the app. I'm using Calypso to compile to scss files.  Somehow after merging, Mendix places some lines in my main.css that look like this: <<<<<< Working <<<<<< Merge-right <<<<<< Merge-left  It basically makes the app unusable sometimes. Seconde problem; when merging after editing scss files, it copies the codes of the normalize.css v3.0.2 (which is Bootstrap of course) inside de main.css file for some reason, so now I have 5 times the normalize.css inside the main.css, which makes the app really slow of course. Also, this gives me a huge file from which I have to delete a lot of unnecessary code. What is the reason behind that? 
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That’s added by the version control system, and usually means you have a conflict between the code you are trying to commit and what’s already in version control.

Do you have any conflicts shown when you merge?


HI Lennart Maas,
This usually occure When there are changes in your css files in Mainline and while merging the branch line also has changes comitted on the same css file. 
I usally go to VS code and resolve thse kidn of issue. IN Vs code you have the option to keep both chnages/ Incoming Changes ( Changes From merge branch). 



Hey Lennart ,

Did you take a look at the following forum post:

Hope that helps you fix your issue.