Sidebar Toggle widget not working and the navigation tree does not shrink in Mendix 9.2.0

I created a new blank app in Mendix 9.2.0 In the default layout file, I see the scroll container where navigation tree is placed is set to toggle mode “shrink content (initially closed)” So the app should open with the sidebar initially closed. But it is of fixed width and always open.  No toggle button is there to toggle the navigation sidebar Tried adding sidebar toggle widget there, but it does nothing on click of the toggle button I want to make it like previous Mendix versions where we had a easy shrink/expand of the sidebar navigation items? Why this is not working in the recent version or is there something I am missing? 
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I had a similar issue with the side bar in mendix 9.0.5 where the side bar was closed but the content of the page on the right side did not “detect”  that the side bar was closed (and therefore, messed with the size of the elements).

I was able to resolve the issue using a nanoflow to toggle the side bar (toggle sidebar action).