mx-placeholder container with overflow-x:hidden: styling being applied automatically - anyone know how to stop this?

Hi all, I’m working on a new app (v8.18.13, but can replicate it in 8.6.9 too), where a div is being applied around our page layout in the DOM. This div has the class mx-placeholder, and is causing a problem because it also applies inline styling overflow-x:hidden, which is causing issues with scrollbars and other page components. The container below that, with the class coverwise__app is the top container of our page layout in the modeler. Additionally – this only appears on the page when it’s accessed through a button/microflow. When we access the same page via a /p/ url, the div with mx-placeholder does not have this inline overflow styling. Does anyone know where this is coming from, and how we can remove it without applying hacky CSS to override it? Cheers Luke
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Override the attribute using important like below.

overflow-x: scroll !important;