How to have in region-sidebar two navigation trees, one at the top with scroll and one fixed at the bottom

Hello, We have an application that will have potentially large set of menu items in its sidebar. It is a standard region-sidebar on the left that is collapsible. The idea was to put into the region a Scroll Container with a bottom Region. To put one navigationTree to the main/scrollable zone of the container and to put the second navigationTree to the bottom zone. However, the position of the bottom zone doesn’t stick to the bottom of the region-sidebar. Changing the style of the second navigationTree to position: fixed; bottom: 0px; moves it. But it disconnects it from the parent container and so messes up width, scroll bar, goes over footer of the whole page … Any idea how to do this properly?
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I know I’m a bit late to the party but I also faced this issue and stumbled over this post here. 
Solution was pretty simple just use:

​​​​​​​margin-top: auto;


This will align the second menu to the bottom.