Client Bad Gateway

Hi All, i’m facing Bad Gateway issue when downloading some data(system handling those data needs around 10 – 20 min), in my local testing, no any issues, it will be downloaded successfully, but in clound, it shows Bad Gateway error. i’ve set the microflow setting as ‘Asynchronous, Blocking’, but seems this doesn’t help. how could set the client long connection? thanks. Error: mxui.js?637613226953707230:79 Error: Bad Gateway     at new t (mxui.js?637613226953707230:39)     at mxui.js?637613226953707230:34     at mxui.js?637613226953707230:20     at (mxui.js?637613226953707230:20)     at a (mxui.js?637613226953707230:20)
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Bad gateway is due to network issues on the server from where you are trying to fetch the data. But in your case you say it is working locally and not on cloud. If you are retrieving the data via some webservices, may be try and increase the timeout value along with your current setting of retrieving it asynchronously and see if it helps.