How to publish company specific custom css to appstore?

Share Company Atlas UI Resources - Studio Pro 8 How-to's | Mendix Documentation  Will custom styling or css be exported as well as part of my UI resources package?   I want to do this in V9 Mendix using Calypso tool for Atlas 3; and marking my module as a UI Resources module.  Can I simply point the calypso tool to my module folder in theme sources folder? and edit the main.scss (or even create a new .scss file) folder of my UI Resources Module?
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Currently there is no set way to make apps share one module other than having one app where you maintain your CustomUI-module and manually transport it. So to share you customUI accross the apps of your company, export your module and import that module in every app of your company.

You can store the ‘master-module’ as a module in the MarketPlace, public or private. And another option is to create a starter app, public or private.