Add widgets/controls from microflow to a page

Hi, I’m building a dynamic survey app. The response to a question would drive the next question. Is there a way to dynamically (at run time) add controls to a page?
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Not entirely sure what your desired outcome would be...but what you can do is:

1. Use an on change microflow or nanoflow that depending on the outcome field changes a boolean value
2. Add conditional visibility to show or hide buttons on the page depending on the boolean value


Hi Gunjan, As I understood that, you want to display set of questions one by one, to the user based on the response on current question. Let say user has entered the correct answer for the first question then the next question will be based of the current answer however if the user answered incorrect then the question will be based on that. 

This can be implemented in multiple ways, The simplest way I can think of to create  2 additional flags, one you can use to show/hide or for editable conditions and the next flag to pick the question based on their  response, You can either use OnchangeEvent or any button , as per your design.


Hope it will help you.