Grid row color needs to change depend on value.

Hi, I need to make the data grid color with the specific value for Ex: In a grid, it has 3 values like Model, Manufacture year, and vehicle type. if the Manufacture year is less than 2015 mean it needs to highlight in a specific color. Thanks in Advance. Ragul.
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Hi Ragul,
Please use this widget and add the rules as per your requirement.

Hope this is useful for you.




You have a couple of option, for example:
- If you use MX 9 you can use datagrid 2.0 and give the cell or container within that cell a specific class and use conditional visibility to show the right class
- With a normal datagrid you can use a widget like: to helpy you style the cell bases on the data

- You could also switch to a template grid or listview and use conditional visibility for the styling