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Dear community, I am currently using the Image Viewer widget in order to upload product-images on a NewEdit page. When using it, however, the chosen image will only be visible after saving. This doesn’t result in good UX and a user story I am currently working on explicitly asks for preview of images to be uploaded. I’ve looked at all the options provided in the “edit image viewer”, tried some things out but thusfar without result. Anyone know how to solve this issue?  Thanks a lot in advance!
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A widget like the Mx file dropper gives a small preview by default:

It also gives you the option to directly upload and save the image if wanted.

With the default image uploader this is a bit harder and you could build a custom kind of preview but you indeed will need to commit the image first to be able to show it.


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Here I have a video for you in which they show you how to do this with a preview photo. 

Upload Photos Part 2: Implementing the Image Upload Widget - Mendix - Go Make It!


Although, in my opinion, a file dropper would work great in this case, you can test it here

Mendix Marketplace - File Dropper


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I didn't notice that the question came up two years ago. However, I will leave the information anyway, maybe it will help someone :)