how to customize style of listviews item?

Hi,  I want to customize list view style in native app.  I refer to the,  but it not work.   My question is: In my list view,  the nest element level is : listview>container>layoutGrid. Which level should be selected and put the class name in its property?   What i want to do is: Give each line of list view a shadow and radious.  Make  eache line looks like a card.    
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Unfortunately, this is the only way to customize the items, we’ve used the same tutorial and it worked like a charm.


Looks like you should put the class name inside the grid layout items, then you can customize the layout for the itens inside the listview. If you could put some more information (prints maybe), on what it looks like now, we could check if that’s on the right order.


You need to target the <li> tag from a custom class added to the listview. To do so you can use something like this:

.my-class > ul > li {
  border-radius: 4px;
 // Other properties