Only using a checkbox to select an item in a Data Grid

Hi there. So I am working on a project and was asked to have a table (currently a data grid) with checkboxes that control the multi-select rather than clicking on the actual rows. I have investigated several options such as using CSS / JS to append checkboxes, but this would still mean that clicking anywhere on the row would select the object. I have also looked into Data Grid 2 but it currently does not support multi-select and creating a separate entity/attribute to control selection is not desirable as we will have multiple users on this page at once and relying on the database may lead to errors arising such as a user selecting a row on their screen removes another user’s selection. I have also looked at the Tree / Node widget that does support checkbox selection support but this would require a heavy restructuring of the current entity which is also not desirable.  Therefore I wanted to see if there were any other known options available. I have included a design below of the desired result. Thank you.   
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You can accomplish this with some CSS:

/* add the "dg-checkboxes" class to your data grid in studio pro */
.mx-datagrid.dg-checkboxes tbody tr:after{
    color: red;
    font-size: xx-large;
    position: absolute;
    left: -15px
.mx-datagrid.dg-checkboxes tbody tr.selected:after{
.mx-datagrid.dg-checkboxes tbody tr:not(.selected):after{



I have a simple suggestion

Convert the Data grid to List view 

In the list view add a check box and map it to  a  new boolean attribute