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Hi all,  I have some issues with the breaking changes in 9.4.0 with the Themesource Resource Files. With updating to 9.4.0 and updating Atlas Core, Atlas Web and Atlas Native, my backgroundimage and other resources are not working anymore. In the release notes of 9.4.0 is decribed to: Move the resource to the themesource/{module}/public folder (introduced in version 9.3.0) Use the path inside this public folder as the URL in the SCSS file I tried this and moved my backgroundimage to themesource/modulename/public. (There was no public folder, I created it). The SCSS file that uses this image is in: themesource/modulename/web. The code to the background image is:  .backgroundImage{ background: url("../public/login_background.jpg") no-repeat; background-size: cover; } But the backgroundimage is not showing up.    I tried many ways to get a resourcesfolder but the only way I got the image in the browser was by putting the image in the same folder as the SCSS file.  How can I have a resources folder and link my images (and other resources) in scss? I also have custom fonts that I want to import. I want to add my fonts in theme/web/fonts/fonts.scss but when I try to add the fonts to the same folder as the scss file, the fonts are not found. How can I add resources that are accessable for all the modules of a project?    Thanks,  Kolien
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You need to place all resources in a folder ‘public’, which you need to create in projectname/themesource/[modulename]/. You can add the standard folders recourses and in it fonts and images.

You can then refer to url('./resources...) in your scss files to find them.



To solve the issue, all the resources need to be in projectname/themesource/modulename/public. You need to create the folder public yourself. In public I added a folder resources and in this folder I added a folder for images and a folder for fonts.


In my scss file in themesource/myfirstmodule I use:

    background: url("./resources/images/login_background.jpg") no-repeat;
    background-size: cover;


for my fonts that I use in the scss file in theme/web I use the path 



Just by using url('./resources...) Mendix finds my resources.