Mendix 9.4: Use >, < operators in expressions (dynamic classes, conditional visiblity)

Dear Community, When trying to build a conditional style based on my context object’s attributes in Mendix 9, I discovered something weird.   I want to use following expression in the conditional visibility of a container: $currentObject/Actual_Group <= $currentObject/ComparisonValue_Group   When I go to the page in the deployed app, I receive following error in the console:  An error occurred while evaluating value of [PageName].container20$visibility: Operator < not supported in expression <(, 200)   In Mendix 8 the expression was working fine. Is there something I need to change when working with these kinds of operators in Mx9? Thanks for your help! Best, Frederik
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What data type have both attributes? Should be numeric like integer or decimal.

Also, are both attributes filled?