Rounded Corners in Custom Sass

Hello,  I was trying to determine the best way to implement rounded corners on containers or datagrids via custom sass, is there a specific class that should be modified, or how would I implement it as a future design property?  Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 
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Hey Alexander.

A couple of options:

Play around with the $border-radius-default value

This value within the variables list might do the trick you want, but it is less controlled by you, the developer and might not always result in the design you want

Create a class that sets border radius to your value

This is the one I would recommend! Create a class named f.e. .rounded and give it the border-radius that you want to use, and then apply it to the containers you want to have rounded corners. you can play around with px or em or % as values to see what works best. This option would allow controllable re-use.

  border-radius: 10px; //or 20% or 1em or 1vw or 2vh, etc



Hello Alexander,

I suggest you create a class for that container or Datagrid. And add a border-radius CSS property on that container or data grid through that class.




hope it will help you,

Thank you.