Change text based on drop down selection

Hi,   is it possible to change text based on drop down selection value? So it dropdown is ex: A, then text should change to Apple , else remain as it is?
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Use an on change microflow on the drop down. You can then do anything you want in that on change microflow.





Hi @Pragya Pandey,

As @Ronald Catersels pointed out, you can handle this with an On Change Microflow on the Drop Down and then set the value of the attribute based on what has been selected in dropdown.

A Small Example : I have a Dropdown with options A and B. As soon as we change the value in the dropdown, an onchange Microflow/Nanoflow should be triggered which will have three steps:

1. Check the Value selected in the dropdown

2. If it is "A", go in the true path and change the value accordingly

3. If it is other than "A", go in the false path and simply exit the Microflow/Nanoflow


Regarding the Conditional visibility, I am not sure what is the exact problem statement but I guess, you want to control the visibility based on a string value and not based on Boolean. For this, Mendix offers two things under conditional Visibility

  1. Under “based on Attribute Value”, we can select either Boolean or Enumeration Value
  2. For your problem statement, you should navigate to the “based on expression” tab to give custom values like Empty object check, string and association. Hope this helps