Getting a blank page when I log in

Hi Fam,      I’m getting a blank page when I log into the application until I remove 3 in the middle of index.html. That’s what I get. I tried to remove the index3.html inside Them/web, but it’s not working.   When I remove the 3 between index and html then it would redirect to the home page. I appreciate your feedback.
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Hi Theodore, 

I am not catching up with what the problem exactly, not much information provided. However, Regarding your version of Mendix studio pro, once you run your project locally you can click to view the app locally   ( on 8.17v you will see this : http://localhost:8080/login.html?profile=Responsive) to double check, go to navigation and choose the Default Home Page to what you are looking to view on your local host. I hope I shared what you need. I would appreciate extra information on the issue to be able to share the solution if I have one.