Call microflow and close Popup

Hi all! I have a popup dialoge in which the user needs to make a selection. After that, he clicks a button calling a microflow (or double clicks the selection) and the microflow leads to the corresponding page, but the popup does not close and stays in front of the now newly called page. I can either close the popup or call a microflow as onClickEvent, but not both? How can I close the popup without doing so from the microflow (it gets called at different places)? Thanks in advance!
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Hi David,

Within the microflow you can add an activity “Close page” to close the popup. If on one place you need to close the popup and on another place you need the same logic, but not close the popup, you will need 2 microflows (one with and one without the close action). The other logic can be put in a sub microflow to be able to reuse it.

Hope this helps!


Use close page activity in your microflow, which is triggered onClickEvent, then show the new page. It should be working.

Or do you face any issues in following the above approach


I hoped, that there would be some kind of “execute microflow and close dialogue” option which would have made it cleaner. Thanks for confirming, that this is not the case. I could implement it the way you said.