Add check box in data grid and use to copy column data to all other rows

I have a datagrid which looks something like this: I need to have a column at the end with a check box. So for each row, there would be the checkbox available. Now if user checks the checkbox for say Project DevOps, then the Begin and end dates in Devops will be copied to all the other rows. So for all other projects, Begin would be 02-02-2021 and end would be -3-05-2021 like for DevOps. How can this be implemented? P.S. Worst case if adding checkbox doesn't seem to be feasibility, then i'd need help with how i can set logic such that if the copy column has value set to Yes, thn copy down that row's begin and end values to other rows.
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You could stlye a listview like a grid or use the data grid 2: 

Add a column at the end with a boolean attribute. On change of the boolean fire a microflow that implements your logic with the end dates.