[Data Grid] How to present data with real-time data into Data Grid

Hi Forum, I have one requirement – I would like to get data from Microflow where I will call remote API in Java, and then I will get the data in Json format. Finally I will render these data and let them to be shown into Data Grid. So, for now my confusion is that I am going to have my Data Grid to be achieved with Pagination functionality. But I am using Microflow as my Datasource, so with this how I can implement my pagination functionality in this way? As the data are not stored in my site… Thanks in advance!
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When you get data as JSON format, you must still use import mapping and probably convert that JSON to Mendix objects.

Only then you can use that Mendix entity in data grid. So you might have to use non-persistent entity or persistent entity.

So, pagination should work by default.

Have you tried this already? If it does not work, let know what is not working.