How can I add sidebar panel on my project?

Hi All,   I’m new to Mendix and very enjoying learning mendix it’s challenging but also fruitful! but seems there are quite many constraint and difficulties to make interactive UI using Mendix… I would like to make sidebar panel (I will use it as a search panel for my project) that also can be collapsed to the side. This side bar is not the sidebar that Mendix is offering with Atlas UI default….I should create another one. I found scroll container but it seems works only on the layout (like Atlas UI) as I’m using Atlas UI default this scroll container is not my option. is there any solution for this please? Thanks in advance!!
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there are some options in the marketplace that may work:

  • Drawer/SidePanel  not sure if this one works in Mendix 9 or not
  • Accordian – This is not a side panel, but is a collapsible container that could be useful

In your layout, you can also use 2 side regions in the scroll container – left and right.  Either or both of those can be collapsed.

Hope that helps