Create nested dropdown option pane

Hi all   I am using the pop up menu widget to allow users to be able to do certain stuff. Right now it looks something like this: With the options button being the one to open the various button below it. (“Email foreach” is e.g. 3 seperate emails for 3 users, “Email forall” is 1 email for all 3 users)   I was wondering though if there was a way to insert another dropdown like menu onto one of those buttons inside the dropdown list. Maybe like this: It’s a small change but it would be more visually appealing. Does anybody know if this is possible?   Thanks
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You should be able to add the levels via de custom visualization setting to get to something like below:

1st level

2nd level

This looks like this in studio pro:

So you can add a popup menu inside a popup menu item allwoing to create the levels. The context object is available on the second level as well, so with some additional styling you should be good to go.