Unwrap ReactCustomWidgetWrapper

I want to access the loaded data store of a TreeTable widget on a page from a custom javascript. So I obtain its HTML Node, call dijit.getEnclosingWidget(domNode), but it returns an instance of 'mxui.widget.ReactCustomWidgetWrapper' , although I need an instance of react.Component. I can’t find a corresponding public member in the returned object. Is there a utility function where you pass the wrapper and get the react component? Or does ReactCustomWidgetWrapper have public members that forward the call to the wrapped component properties and methods?
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i am not sure you are using this widget or not, but the TreeTable has an open source. You can follow the component TreeTable.tsx to achieve what you want.




The code of TreeTable on Github does not know anything of ReactCustomWidgetWrapper so I had to search elsewhere. Here is what I found:

React widgets are wrapped with dojo mxui.widget.ReactCustomWidgetWrapper
It stores no reference to the React component
Its domNode.parentNode is null
Its _markerNode property is an <!-- HTML Comment --> and is a previous sibling of the actual widget node

It's easier to skip obtaining ReactCustomWidgetWrapper and find the React Component directly from the widget DOM Node:
  FindReact(dom) // see below

Alternatively, the React Component can be found via:
  (obj as ReactCustomWidgetWrapper)._markerNode.__reactContainer$xxx.child.child.stateNode  

// https://stackoverflow.com/a/39165137/447503


function FindReact(dom, traverseUp = 0) {
    const key = Object.keys(dom).find(key=>{
        return key.startsWith("__reactFiber$") // react 17+
            || key.startsWith("__reactInternalInstance$"); // react <17
    const domFiber = dom[key];
    if (domFiber == null) return null;

    // react <16
    if (domFiber._currentElement) {
        let compFiber = domFiber._currentElement._owner;
        for (let i = 0; i < traverseUp; i++) {
            compFiber = compFiber._currentElement._owner;
        return compFiber._instance;

    // react 16+
    const GetCompFiber = fiber=>{
        //return fiber._debugOwner; // this also works, but is __DEV__ only
        let parentFiber = fiber.return;
        while (typeof parentFiber.type == "string") {
            parentFiber = parentFiber.return;
        return parentFiber;
    let compFiber = GetCompFiber(domFiber);
    for (let i = 0; i < traverseUp; i++) {
        compFiber = GetCompFiber(compFiber);
    return compFiber.stateNode;