Non-textbox fields behave like passwords

I’ve noticed that textbox fields have an option to behave like a password field, masking the data with “*” characters as you type, while retaining the data. This is great, but there are text areas, dates, and other fields that don’t have this option. Is there a way to extend this, without any crazy Java work, to non textbox fields?  In a world where privacy online is being more scrutinized, text area fields for addresses, date pickers for birth-date fields, etc… are all private data that needs to be masked to comply with U.S. HIPAA laws 
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Not out of the box, and serverside Java is no option here, but see if you can get this,, to work. Hmm, this sample is just on any input. Does not work on textareas.

Alternatively, use a toggle, and modify it to toggle the color to be the same as the background. Even more secure compared to stars, since three *’s in an age field shows information as well.