Default Selected values in BootStrap Multi Select

Hi, In our Project we are using the Mendix component BootStrap Multi Select, and everything works fine, regarding the parameter display and usage inside the microflow. Now the client wants to have in the BootStrap Multi Select, value selected by default.  My question is, how can I do this? I using  Xpath as DataSource, but I can change it to a microflow. Thanks 
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So you want to populate the reference with a specific object on enter of the page.

Assuming that the page is entered when creating a new created object;

  1. If you create an object with a default create button, replace it with a microflow, which creates the object and shows the page
    If you already create the object in a microflow, keep that microflow
  2. Add a retrieve activity before the create activity, and retrieve the object which the customer identifies as the one which should be preselected (you need to determine the requirement for the retrieve yourself, as I don’t know that)
  3. When creating the object, add a change member, select the association used between the retrieved object and new object and set the reference to the retrieved object.
  4. TaDa default object is selected on enter of the page