Mendix 9 Native app atlas core full page layout does not work

Another error found in Mendix 9. I have made previous posts about issues in Mendix 9 still unresolved for a long time now.  This time, In native app, creating a page with full page layout and using “show page” in nanoflow produces an error. App will run in studio pro but when opening in make it native app, it shows native packager error in studio pro and app won’t launch. And in logs file it says that it could not find the page (which was newly created).  Changing the layout of newly create page to atlas default works. Changing back to full page gives error. I have tried: Re-creating page Creating page directly from show page activity Creating page first and then calling it from show page Clean deployment directory Restart studio pro Nothing works.  Other issues list:
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Did you report this to support?