Color grid cell based on enum value

Hi all   I have a data grid on my page which has the answers to a survey filled out by other guests via a deeplink. For each question there are radio buttons for 4 enum values (Super good, good, okay, bad). I want each cell’s background to be a color depending on the value (e.g like in the picture).   In the marketplace I have  found a cell styler widget in the marketplace but I‘m not sure how to use that one. Does somebody know the answer?   Thanks  
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Hi Lenny,

This forum posting gives a good explanation of how to use this:

Once you’ve got that working, the documentation for this widget actually shows several different use cases that may be helpful.

One thing to keep in mind – when using Enumerations, you should use the Key value and not the Caption value in your expressions.

Hope that helps,



Have you checked out the documentation tab for that widget? You can find it here:

If you run into any specific issues, feel free to update your post so we can help out :)


Yes, we love the GridCellStyler. Great effect, but you do need to spend some time on the understanding and the javascript, which frankly I find very rewarding when succeseeding in getting it to look like you want to. Btw: here is an example site:

But there is an easier better maintainable way: give your enumerations an image for each value and using those images in the datagrid. See examples on, log in as visitor and go to ‘UI Helpers’.

But my favorite, which I recommend you to give it a go, is using DataGrid2. Download


Hi Tim

This is my column, I have used to name (column3) in the cell styler config. It has Attribute “ErwartungenKurs”.


Then I use that name in the javascript rule from you. The class to apply is “sehrgut_dg”. Also (===”Sehr gut”) is the caption but it also doesn’t work with the value anyway.


And this is my css class.


Shouldn’t it work?? Maybe the javascript is wrong?