Checkbox on form is hard to view, how can I darken it?

Hi, I have a form in an application with a series of checkboxes.  I’d like to style them so they are darker and easier to see.  I’ve done some research and am not ready to do a custom scss, I’d just like to make them easier to view.  Any ideas or suggestions for a quick fix?  
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Ok, no scss. Although it is against my better judgement, here is the quickfix:

Now your checkbox is clearly visible. Guess you will not be happy with the result though.

Thing is: you cannot style the checkbox itself from inside StudioPro, only its parent-div.

But without thinking about avoiding scss too much, give this a go:

  • have your app running locally
  • In studioPro, click ‘App’=>’Show app directory in explorer
  • drill down to directory theme\web\
  • open main.scss in notepad, or your favorite text-editor (for me: Visual Studio Code)
  • at the end of the main.scss add
.mx-checkbox {
    input {
        border: 1px solid black;
  • Click Save

And watch how Mendix Studio Pro changes the border of your check box making it more visible;