Middle scrollcontainer height wont calculate correctly initially in popup

Hey all, I'm working on a popup page with a main/middle scrollcontainer and a bottom scrollcontainer. When the popup opens with a middle that is higher than the screen, the bottom bar disappears out of the popup. I noticed the scrollcontainer-wrapper and the dataview within have no set height. If I then zoom out the browser suddenly the bottom bar snaps into place and the middle container gains a height style value. When I then zoom back in, the bottom bar stays in place. When I run the same page as a responsive page, those heights are calculated properly. Am I looking at a bug? Does anyone know a workaround to force this calculation? Other than just making it a responsive site?
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Just a wild guess here: Maybe try opening the pop-up through a microflow: Show Page, and then do a ‘Change Object’ action with a Refresh on any object that might be used in one of the two scroll containers?

(My theory is that this would force a calculation, but it's definitely not pretty).