How to get more than one compiled css theme file from Mendix 9 sass compilation

We have an app which is deployed for different urls. Depending on the URL a different styling is used. In the index.html we find out which theme should be used by the app. In Mendix 9 I do not get the different css files to which I can refer in the index.html I want to create multiple CSS files during compilation. At this moment Mendix 9 creates one themes.compiled.css. I expect that for each SASS file (without prefix_) a css file is created. this worked for our app in Mendix 8.  Any suggestion how to force Mendix 9 to cretae for SASS files without a prefix to compile it as a seperate css them file
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Hi Rolf,


you are 100% correct. Creating multiple themes has never been an “official” way of styling applications and more of a workaround that seems to work very well.


The way we currently do it, is to create a single compiled stylesheet, and let the application set a class in the body. We have also rewritten the sass-variables to css-variables in order to make this even more powerful such as realtime styling.


checkout the vid: