Rest Calls + Certificate + Error Handling

Hi,  Thank you in advance for your help. I am setting up a front end that makes API calls to 40+ servers. All these servers have invalid certificates and they are planning to stay that way.  I found a way of exporting the invalid cert from the website using chrome and importing it into my app under my app’s settings/Certificates tab. Question 1) is there a way to bypass certificates? otherwise any time I add a new server, I am going to have to export the cert and add it to mendix (kind of tedius)     I have a microflow that authenticates to all these 40 servers (for loop) by using a POST method API call and retrieves a token.  The problem is that if Mendix is missing a server’s certificate, mendix throws an error, and the microflow stops running (see screenshot for details)   question 2) I know how to fix the issue shown in the screenshot, but is there a way to handle this error in a way that the microflow wont stop running?  
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Hi Alex,

To answer you 2nd question,

Please visit :

See Custom without rollback or Continue in error hanling.


For your 1st it depends on your authentication to use your certificates, like you mentioned token – I usually have REST API calls without certificate and uses only token via refresh or JWT.

So please try different ways by deleting the certificate and try only with Token.

If you use expired certificates, Mendix won’t let you go forward.


Hope answered your question,