How can we implement text color for button in studio pro

How can I Implement text color in mendix studio pro. It shows only four text styles in button style but i need black color for text.
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Styling Mendix applications is quite simple nowadays :)


First, give the button widget a custom class name from its properties (for example btn-black-text).

After this, save and run your application.

After saving and running, open your file explorer and go to (your mendix project name)>theme>web and open the main.scss in your preferred code editor.

In the main.scss you can change the style of your button widget using SCSS.  In this particular case you only need to add this code to main.scss file.


  color: black;


After you have made the change, you only have to save the main.scss file and Mendix detects a change in the file which leads to your application to reload it self with the newly made style changes.


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Hi Vendrapu,

If you double click the button, under the appearance tab, you can set the style. Here you can fill in CSS styling.

In this case you can set it to: Color: black;

Hope this helps!