attr maxLength not sent to client except when widget supports it

Hi. We need to check that data entered in Rich Text widget fits in the string attribute. We need to do that on client. I wanted to create a Javascript action that takes the MxObject and Name of the attribute and does that, but I learned that the client API does not provide the information about the maximum length of the attribute. I checked where the regular text input retrieves this information and found that it’s only sent to the client as part of the page xml when it contains a widget supporting the maxLength property. My plan now is to make a one-time server call that retrieves this extra metadata when the Javascript action is called for the 1st time. Is there a simpler solution?
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Simple though effective advise

When using a rich text widget ALWAYS set attribute length to unlimited. Since formatted text contains HTML tags. Making a simple text bold will result in reasonable amount of extra characters.