Refresh browser pushes the app to login page when Having Custom Login page with anonymous users

Hi , I want to know how the page are loaded correctly when using OOTB login page . Actually I supposed to develop custom login page for our app. I have just walk through the doc for custom login page with anonymous users.  Following Steps I have done  I have created Custom Login page .  Changed Allow Anonymous users to yes Configured Sign in page and default home page as My custom login page in navigation configuration       This is how my login page looks    After login I am able to see home page  When I click refresh button of browser it goes back again to login page. But normally , with OOTB login page and navigation settings , it refresh browser app will remain in the same page. but why its not happened in Custom login page with Anonymous users. Can anyone help us to this scenario if u know the solutions
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Indeed, this is not the expected behavior. Does this only happen in Chrome or also in other browsers. And after pressing refresh and having been sent to the login-page, does the back-button bring you back to the logged in state?