Update Text Label after User Input

Hi all, this should not be so difficult to achieve, but I am stuck and couldn’t find anything. I have a form where the user inputs some numbers into a list of textBoxes (every textBox corresponds to a unique object). I have it setup that way, that the data gets saved after every change (and when leaving the page and later returning, the values are still existing). There is also a “Summary-Label” which displays a calculated attribute, representing the sum of all values. This does work so far as that it displays the correct sum after arriving at the page, but it doesn’t keep up with changes made on the page (needs to refresh for that). In the microflow, which is called after every textBox change to save the relevant object, I checked “refresh in client” in the commit activity, so as far as I understand it, it should update the summary-label and therefore keep up with the changed values, but it doesn’t.   Do I have any major flaws in my structure? What can I do to always have an up-to-date summary-label?   Thanks in advance!
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You need to refresh the object which contains the Summary label in the on-change microflow.