Dynamically create new list for each month

Hi all,   Is there a way to dynamically create a new list for every month and then set a list of objects that have a date in that month instead of creating 30-40 list views for each month? Also it should automatically create a new list for future months. Kind of like these two pictures show:       It would be really helpful for my use case but I fear that this isn’t possible out of the box. I might be wrong though.   Thanks!
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Hi Lenny,

Using only out-of-the-box Mendix you could do this if you group the records per months in the domain. Create a “Month” entity and associate all dated objects to the correct Month object. Now you can achieve something like your drawing using nested list views.

Or maybe the marketplace has a widget that can do something like this. Or you could create your own widget, but that may be a lot of work.

Would one of these options work for you?