Data grid values in horizontal form

Hi, I have created the data grid to get the list of objects. By default, it will be displayed in vertical form. I need to display the values in horizontal form. Is it possible to display the values in horizontal form? If its possible, please let me know how should be done.
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hii Lavanya,

use Pivot Table Web widget  in this you can select X and Y both sides attribute and label

Mendix Marketplace - Pivot Table Web widget


Hi Lavanya,

In datagrid it is possible or not I don't know better use a list view and add the class lv-col to it it will display the list in horizontal format instead of vertical.i will update about datagrid aswell for you.

See the below Image I have added the screenshot of your requirement as firstly add a class “example” for your datagrid and 

add the code in the below format in your CSS file as

.example tbody{



Thank you.