Calendar with current date

In Mendix 9.10.0, when you open a (search) field with a data (e.g. 31-03-2022) in it, the calendar opens (I am referring to the stardard out-of-the-box calendar or datepicker of Mendix, not the calendar widget). In Mendix 7, the current data was automatically selected in the calendar. This is not the case anymore in Mendix 9. Is there a possibilty to show the user the current date in the calendar so he or she doesn't have to pick it explicitly when the current date is requiered?
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Hi Erik,

I assume you mean the search-fields in a DataGrid widget.

I wasn’t able to have the current date highlighted in the date-picker in a DataGrid in Mendix 9 too.

However, have you considered to use DataGrid2? The behaviour is as expected and it is highlighting the current date.

This is when using the normal DataGrid

This is when using the DataGrid2