PopUps not Closing

When clicking a button that allows a popup to be shown where a user can put in information of some sort, but if the user decides to hit the browsers back button the popup will not disappear. It would still appear in front as in the background the pervious page is load. What are some ideas to insure that the popups will close when the user hits the browser’s back button. I don’t want to put the popup on timer as it doesn’t fit it’s use case by doing that.
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Alas, generally speaking, single-page applications do not work well with the back button; as you might have noticed, when you right click a button to open in a new tab, that also does not work as intended. 

There probably is a solution involving JavaScript that you can put into an HTML snippet on the pop-up page, but then you are moving away from the power of low-code/Mendix.  Do check out the link, and let me know if you managed to make this work.

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