Issue with the navigation tree / side bar menu captions

Experts,         For our Mendix app, we have a bunch of side bar menus, which we have defined through the navigation tree / menu bar options. For each of the menus, we have the captions. The issue that I am struggling with is, to just show the icons and underneath each of the icon, show its corresponding caption. The below screenshot shows the the toggle mode is set to “None” on the scroll container and width being set to 264 px.   With the above setting, when I run the app, this is how things are showing up in the side bar:   But, I want to see the icon / caption something like this as mentioned below with caption under the icon.     To let you know that I even tried inserting a side bar toggle button and the toggle mode set to “Shrink content (initially closed)”, but even with that I am running into the same issue. Appreciate if you can let me know how to achieve this.
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Hi Kalyan,

You can do this with CSS. This should set you in the right direction, but some additional rules will probably be necessary in order to create the desired outcome:

.layout-atlas .region-sidebar .mx-scrollcontainer-wrapper > .mx-navigationtree .navbar-inner > ul > li > a {
   flex-direction: column;
   height: auto;