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Hello, I am working on an Employee Hiring Application in 9.0.5 version. I want to make a bell icon for notification. When HR starts the onboarding process through a button then manager should get a notification through a bell icon on Navbar and then he can accept or reject Employee. Then again notification is send back to HR from manager. I found a simple push notification module from marketplace which is built in 8.4.1 version. When I tried to import in my application I got error message that it could not be import.  Can someone tell me how to import this module?
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You can check if there is updated version supported in Mx9, if not create a sample project in the specified version and download the module .

Now open the same project in Mx 9, the studio pro will ask if you want to upgrade, click yes and after upgrading you can export the module and import in your project. Make sure if any dependency jars are added and export those as well.