Default value for entity not showing when configured as enum

I have an entity with an enum field. I have set default value in the domain model, in the entity itself for that field. However on UI when i configure that field , the default value doesn’t show. It’s empty and then valjue has to be selected. How can this be achieved in case of enum.
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Is it possible that the object/s were created before there was a default value for the enum? 
​​​​​​​If thats the case you would have to give this objects the default value in a conversion-microflow.

If this is also happening to new objects i am afraid i do not know the answer. 



Few thing to check:

  1. Are you sure you use the same entity/attribute in the page as you configure in the domain model?
  2. How is the object created?
    1. Using  the default create button
    2. Using a microflow/nanoflow? => and what happens in the create action?
  3. Is there something configured on the input widget
    1. event
    2. validation
    3. vilibility