Pivot Tables with extra Y label columns

I like the pivot table widget, but I’ve noticed it’s limited to only showing 1 attribute as the labels for X and Y axex. Often times you want more columns displayed. For example if you X axis is labeled with “categories” and your W label has “order numbers”, you may also want order date, customer name, etc. Unless you concatenate all this information into one string in one column OR you do something crazy in a microflow where you trick the pivot table into thinking the order date/customer/etc are categories, then there isn’t any really efficient way to add these extra Y-label columns in a pivot table, is there?
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Are you trying to achieve something like this:



This is handling packs of objects.  The actual pivot table is aggregating the lengths, but in the microflow that builds the transient data for the pivot table, I create single records for each pack with the shipping reference, total pieces and total volume (As a string with the units).  The XAxis is sorted by an ID variable so I can get it in the required order, but otherwise it all works how you would want. 


Previously I concatenated all the info into the reference as your other suggestion goes but it wasn’t nearly as neat or user friendly.