How to Print a window without the Scrollbar.

Hi Team, how to open a print window without a scrollbar as to display all the objects(200) in the listview in the different pages as similar to the mail while clicking the PrintAll button in the Respected mail it will navigate to different page and opens a print window and show the Preview. Manner I approached: I had taken the page which wants to printed and Called the same page with the help of the button with required things to be printed with timeout function. as function printer(){  window.print(); } $(document).ready(function(){   // we call the function setTimeout( printer, 2000);   }); here I am acquiring the Mail functionality but getting the Scrollbar as I am printing the window.print() I need to remove the Scrollbar here. 2nd Approach: I came up with the Javascript Code  function printData() {    var divToPrint=document.getElementById("printTable");    newWin="");    newWin.document.write(divToPrint.outerHTML);    newWin.print();    newWin.close(); } $('button').on('click',function(){ printData(); })   to printdata class applied(for whole LayoutGrid) inside the tables(Listviews) are to print here the code is correct but getting the Syntax Javascript error. Please add suggestions or solutions if you worked on this earlier. Thanks In Advance.  
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