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Hi all, Do we have a button which looks like this as shown below…!   Thanks in advance
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Hi Umamaheswara, 

This is not possible out of the box but you could style it yourself. The bootstrap radio button group is a good starting point to achieve this: 




Maybe an easier solution would be to place 3 buttons next to each other and put the btn-group on the parent container. This will look like this:

Then create a toggle for each button, that sets the value of an underlying enumeration. You can then also change the color based on which value is currently selected. Takes quite a few micro / nanoflows but it might be easier than to style radio buttons as the above example. It will also work a little less smooth than actual radio buttons.


Good luck!



I couldn’t see the image you’ve uploaded in your post, are you looking for something different to the standard switch input element that’s available?