I am trying to design mobile responsive tables for my one application, I tried with data grids , Tableslist view and Grid But not getting appropriate result pleas find following SS

  This is web responsive and mobile responsive SS
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check out this blog.

if you want optimal table solution for mobile there are multiple solutions weach with pro's and cons.




Hey there,

firstly i would recommend using Chrome and the Mobile simulator - responsive testing tool

this helps greatly with getting a true representation of a mobile device (both IOS and android)


Secondly, when designing for mobile friendly usage, datagrids generally don't work that well, they are not designed for mobile devices in that way.

I would recommend using a listview with a container that contains labels with your dynamic data (parameters):

  1. Add a listview
  2. Add a container in the listview
  3. Set the align content to left align as collumn
  4. Add text to the container with use of parameters to fill it with data

This should help you set up a design that you can make responsive for both mobile and desktop.


Otherwise what you could also do is create a mobile page that is called when the user is on a mobile (CurrentDevice = mobile)