I changed my scss file, but it doe not work.

I updated a project file(*.mpk) from version 8.x to 9.14 version. I’m now using the Mendix Studio Pro 9.14 to build my application. I followed the guide Style your app with scss from Academy to change my scss file. The guide said that the Styling Editor will auto-generate CSS files from scss file. But it did not happen. I added some codes in one .scss file. But when I checked it from the browser, it remained unchanged. I have downloaded the project file from here. Does anybody know how to make the style work?   === Append: I have disabled the cache in Chrome Browse I have clicked the “Synchronize App Directory” menu item.
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Hello Jinheng,

I have a couple of suggestions to sync the styles

  • You have migrated the Mendix version from 8 to 9 then still you have to run the application in calypso. 
  • Change the style directory from ‘theme’ to ‘themesource’ and move the uitheme folder to the top 
  • Downloaded it,
  • extracted it
  • started it
  • upgraded to 9.14.0
  • removed Deeplink module
  • Started app locally => works fine


  • added to main.scss, which should color the navbar green a bit: 
    .mx-navigationtree .navbar-inner{
        background-color: green;


Hm, it still uses Atlas_UI_Resources. Rename /theme to /theme_old and import Atlas-Core and do the other steps in https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/moving-from-atlas-2-to-3/. That probably gets the styling going.


And to make sure that this problem is related to the project, and not to your browser, StudioPro or the parsing-mechanism:

Create a new project, run it locally and then add some simple styling in main.scss. It very likely will be visible within a second or two.


Hi Jinheng,

After changing the css code some of the time it doesn’t get reflect directly so do Synchronize App directory and run the server and check the browser.




Have you disabled your cache in browser?