Getting error while executing microflow within javascript snippet

I am working on one free app where on one page I am using javascript snippet which has below code:{         entity: "JsonToEntity.ConvertJson",         callback: function (obj) {             obj.set('InputJson',;   {                 params: {                     applyto: "selection",                     actionname: "JsonToEntity.ACT_JSToEntity",                     guids: [obj.getGuid()],                 },             });         }, error: function(e) {                     reject("Could create object:" + error.message);                 }     });   but when I run the app it is showing below error message: Please suggest me any solution to avoid this error. Thank you.
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Hi Chaitanya,
The error message is itself Self Explanatory. It is Something to do with Security. Check the Allowed user roles for ACT_JSToEntity microflow. 

Hope it Helps!!